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Difference between Bullet train and Normal train | Why Bullet train is so fast |

Difference between Bullet train and Normal train

Train is one of the best medium of transportation. In 1804 first train was invented. The first train engine was steam engine. It  runs at the maximum speed of 8 Km/h. The trains and engines were developing gradually and we have the bullet train which can be run at the maximum speed of 500 km/h. Thou, we are discussing here the difference between normal diesel and electric train and bullet train.
Steam engine

A normal diesel engine train can run at average speed of 80 km/h and the normal electric train can run average speed of 110 km/h. On the other hand a bullet train can run average speed of 300 km/h. Here is the mechanism why bullet train is so fast.
diesel train

1. Power mechanism: In the normal trains, we have a engine in the front side of the train and the engine pulls the whole train. The engine needs so much power to pull the train. On the other hand in bullet train there is no engine. Every wheels of bullet train have electric motors and so every wheels can get power from the motors in the same time. So it is become easy to move the train faster than the normal train.
Mechanism of bullet train

2. Aerodynamic: When an object moves so fast, the object hit the air and the airs makes the object slow. So the engineers make bullet train aerodynamic, so that the force of air on the train become low and the train run faster. But the normal trains have not aerodynamic shape to prevent the force of air upon the train.
aerodynamic bullet train

3. Trusted suspension: Bullet train has not need to slow down in curvy track, because of its suspension system. In the normal trains, spring suspension system are being used, but in bullet train, hydraulic suspension system used. It proved a smooth journey and no risk of derail in a high speed.

These are the main fact, why a bullet train can run faster than a normal train. Hope You know about the mechanism of a bullet train now. Thanks for visit the website.

Difference between Bullet train and Normal train
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