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Sunday, September 16, 2018

PhoenixOS- Android On Pc. Dual boot. Full Tutorial

September 16, 2018

How to install Android on PC. [PhoenixOS full tutorial]

android on pc

In today's world, everyone want to explore something new. Today I am going to teach you how to run on android your PC as an Operating system (not as a virtual software like bluestack). Android is so popular OS made for mobile phones, and it has some awesome features. Some games like PUBG MOBILE, FREE FIRE is so popular and addictive game. The PUBG MOBILE is really a good action game, but it is little difficult to play in mobile comparing to a action shooting game that can be played in PC. So Developers trying to make application that car run android on windows Pc so someone can play the shooting games easily. But the applications (android emulators) like Official tencent gaming bussy, bluestack, Nox etc are not for a low end pc. Because the emulator softwares based on virtual technology. They are not an OS, they just run a virtual OS based on primary OS.

But PhoenixOS is purely an Operating System (android). In can be boot directly from boot menu. So gaming experience on PhoenixOS becomes so smooth. Specially The PUBG MOBILE runs very smoothly in a low end pc using PhoenixOS.

You can use PhoenixOS with a another Operating System (dual boot) like Windows, Linux etc. So here is the method how you can use PhoenixOS (dual boot).

There is a lite version of PhoenoxOS specially made for gaming. That is PhoenixOS ROC. I am giving the download link bellow to download the OS.


To install PhoenixOS dual boot, you have to download 4 files (links given bellow). 
1. PhoenixOS 
2. APT
3. Easy BCD
4. Win RAR

1. Fist download the files from the link given bellow. Than extract the zip file and again extract the PhoenixOS-ROC.iso to a folder PhoenixOS-ROC your system directory (c drive) [C:\PhoenixOS-ROC]

2. Now extract the file and run the APT program. Press any key to continue.
  • Type 6 and click enter
  • Type 2 and click enter

  • Type 1 (4GB) and enter again
A file will be created to the out folder of APT
Copy the file data.img and paste it to directory C:\PhoenixOS-ROC

3. Download Easy BCD, Install and Open it.

  • Click On add new entry
  • Click On NeoGrub

  • Now click on install and than click on configure. A note pad will be open.
  • Replace the notepad text with the code bellow-
  • Click on edit boot menu in easy BCD and rename neogrub to PhoenicOS-ROC
Now you just have to restart your PC. PhoenixOS will there in your boot menu.

Download links:

1. PhoenixOS ROC Lite: Download 👈

2. API: Download 👈 (API zip password: woltrex)

3. Easy BCD: Download 👈

4. Win RAR: Download 👈

Friday, August 24, 2018

Difference between Bullet train and Normal train | Why Bullet train is so fast |

August 24, 2018

Difference between Bullet train and Normal train

Train is one of the best medium of transportation. In 1804 first train was invented. The first train engine was steam engine. It  runs at the maximum speed of 8 Km/h. The trains and engines were developing gradually and we have the bullet train which can be run at the maximum speed of 500 km/h. Thou, we are discussing here the difference between normal diesel and electric train and bullet train.
Steam engine

A normal diesel engine train can run at average speed of 80 km/h and the normal electric train can run average speed of 110 km/h. On the other hand a bullet train can run average speed of 300 km/h. Here is the mechanism why bullet train is so fast.
diesel train

1. Power mechanism: In the normal trains, we have a engine in the front side of the train and the engine pulls the whole train. The engine needs so much power to pull the train. On the other hand in bullet train there is no engine. Every wheels of bullet train have electric motors and so every wheels can get power from the motors in the same time. So it is become easy to move the train faster than the normal train.
Mechanism of bullet train

2. Aerodynamic: When an object moves so fast, the object hit the air and the airs makes the object slow. So the engineers make bullet train aerodynamic, so that the force of air on the train become low and the train run faster. But the normal trains have not aerodynamic shape to prevent the force of air upon the train.
aerodynamic bullet train

3. Trusted suspension: Bullet train has not need to slow down in curvy track, because of its suspension system. In the normal trains, spring suspension system are being used, but in bullet train, hydraulic suspension system used. It proved a smooth journey and no risk of derail in a high speed.

These are the main fact, why a bullet train can run faster than a normal train. Hope You know about the mechanism of a bullet train now. Thanks for visit the website.

Difference between Bullet train and Normal train
-Data Collected By Bedanta Saikia

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Top 5 Assamese Youtuber and their earnings [ ৫ জন অসমীয়া Youtuber আৰু তেওঁলোকৰ উপাৰ্জন ]

August 15, 2018

Top 5 Youtubers of Assam

Youtube is the biggest video sharing platform. Youtube allows members to upload videos and they gives them a chance to earn money by publishing advertisement on their videos. Now a days youtube become popular in Assam too. Many youtube channels are rising in Assam day by day. There ase some Assamese channels that achived more than 1 laks of subscriber and earning money. Here we are discussing top 5 Assamese individual youtube channels that growing for their good content type. So lets begin --
1. Voice Assam:

Voice Assam is the biggest Youtube channel in Assam with 289,303 subscribers (16-august, 2018). This is a funny and comedy vine youtube channel. The owner of this channel is Arup Das. The channel is mainly famous for its funny videos and the language using in it. They use a classical Nalbaria Accent which is so sweet to here. The Voice Assam channel became famous for the series "TELSURA". If you want to know more about please visit the channel by clicking here.
As we all know, youtube earning is based on the advertisement showed on the video. Voice Assam approximately earns 30000 RS per month.

With 197012 subscribers, (16 august, 2018) "Assamese Mixture" Youtube channel is placed in top 2nd place of Assamese Youtube channel. The owner of the channel is Bhushan Pathak. The channel focused on the Assamese film/ videography/ music industry. The channel makes interview with the celebrities of Assam and makes film and video reviews. The Assamese Mixture channel is a entertainment channel. To visit the channel, you can click here.
As we all know, youtube earning is based on the advertisement showed on the video. Voice Assam approximately earns 25000 RS per month.

"Dimpu Baruah" is one of the best Assamese youtube channel. This channel is placed on 3rd position with 147,488 subscribers on the date of 16 August, 2018. This is the fastest growing Assamese youtube channel. "Dimpu Baruah" channel is mainly a technical channe, but sometimes he comes with some motivational videos on his channel. Dimpu Baruah is professionally a teacher lives in Nalbari, Assam. He tries to make understand the technical facts and news in a simple way in Assamese language. To visit his youtube channel, cliosk here.
As we all know, youtube earning is based on the advertisement showed on the video. Voice Assam approximately earns 10000 to 15000 RS per month.

The Indian boy was the first Assamese roasting channel. It was started in 2016. The channel mainly targets the lower quality music videos and trolled them. He wanted to make awareness to the people, how the lower quality musical videos destroying our Assamese culture. But in Jun 8, 2017 he decided to not making videos anymore. But he still have more than 50000 subscribers. 
His total earning was about 300$, almost 21000 Indian Rs.

With 27,709 subscribers, B Natural B Wild channel is placed in the top 5th Assamese individual youtube channel. The channel is all about comedy and vines. The owner of the channel is Jyotirban. To visit his channel, click here.
As we all know, youtube earning is based on the advertisement showed on the video. Voice Assam approximately earns 4000 RS per month.

Top 5 Youtubers of Assam

Data Collected By- Bedanta Saikia

Thank you for visit us.

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